Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I created a new blog so check it out - LET'S TALK MONEY


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


As most of you already know we got married few days ago. We actually got married on 5.5. at 5 pm 2009 (yes no 5 there ;) in Reno, Nevada.

It was a small wedding - just us but we both really liked it and mostly felt the ceremony. I am adding one of the pictures of our wedding because we have to have it on our BLOG. I wish many of you guys would be there with us but we can atleast share it here.

We want to thank you for all the nice words, cards, gifts and all of your support. It means a lot for both of us.

We are getting used to our new names - husband and wife and the feeling is really good being married.

We met online - on tennis forum from Juan Carlos Ferrero and we felt the immediate connection with eachother. We spent many hours talking online - just ask our families JEJE - and then Gustavo came to meet me in Slovenia on 12. september 2007, and we just felt so good and right around each other. We got engaged not long after that. It happened in Disneyland in Los Angeles where he proposed me. And on the 5.5. at 5 we said I DO to eachother.

I love my husband so let me write a little about him. He is SPECIAL for me from the start. He seems to have the same views on what he wants in life as me and we share a passion for many things. He makes me happy and helps me grow. We are a challenge for each other but in the best possible way. I like his positive outlook and that he dares to dream. I love a million things about him but the feeling that i have when we are together made me realized that we are meant to share our lives Forever. I love his smile, his eyes, i love holding his hand, listening to his voice, ....YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME MY HUSBAND!

Friday, May 22, 2009


This post is about two amazing people in my life. My Grandma and Grandpa are really important for me. They are always here for me, always ready to listen and understand. They give the amazing support.
They taught me what is important in life and show me how to live my life. THEY HAVE THE BIGEST HEART. They are irreplaceble and I just want to thank them for everything right here.
I really hope that one day I can be like them for my grandkids.
I Love You Babi and Dedi
For slovenian readers: PO SLOVENSKO
Ta clanek je o dveh cudovitih ljudeh v mojem zivljenju. Moja BABICA in DEDEK sta zelo pomembna zame. Vedno sta ob meni, pripravljena poslusati in razumeti. Onadva nudita najboljso podporo.
Naucila sta me kaj je pomembno v zivljenju in kako ziveti. IMATA NAJVECJE SRCE. Nebi ju zamenljala za nic - sta najboljsa in zelim se jima zahvaliti za vse.
Resnicno upam, da bom nekega dne tudi jaz tako dobra babica svojim vnuckom.
Rada vaju imam Babi in Dedi

Draw ROLAND GARROS - t e n n i s

Everything conected with tennis on my including draw for this years Roland Garros

or you can check:

hi from Tennisgirl or Tennis Gal

hope you are ready for some serious tennis coming


Well Slovenia is my home and where i became who i am, it is my family and my friends. My history and many beautiful mamories so for sure it has to have a place here. And it does:

check it out and comments are more then just wlecome

have a great day

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I decided that since i will be writing here about my life a little and what is happening to me that i better give all of you opportunity to write about your lifes too. Some of you i might not have seen for days, some for mouths, some for years, some i might only know online,... but i am still interested in what is going on in your lifes today.

I just got married in a case you did not know and i live in California now - but more about that on a seperate posting, this one is for you guys - so you better start typing.

if you spend quite some time online maybe you would like to check my articles on too. I just started with those too but my signature is always tennisgirl or tennis gal. Hope you go and check it out in the future. I only posted one so far, but i will be writing about all kinds of things.

Have a lovely day
and can wait to read what is happening in your life?


I know you can find it on your own but just to make it easier for all those tennis fans here it goes direct conection!



Well Roland Garros is starting and i just have to cheer for my two favorite tennis players - VAMOOOOOOOOS Ferrer and Ferrero!
I am so ready to see some good tennis on clay and i hope there will be lots of it on tv this year for all the tennis fans around the world.

check my TENNIS WORLD blog and you are more then welcome to join me and write some TENNIS.


Since i moved to Usa I realized that opening my own blog could help me stay conected with my family and friends and also alowed me to discuss many things with them and other people.
Like the blog i FEEL-THE-CONECTION with many things in my life but the strongest one is with as i like to call it MY PEOPLE - my husband, kids - wait i do not have kids yet JEJE (but i do love kids), my family and my friends. They mean the world to me so i hope this blog will help all of you MY PEOPLE to see what is happening in my life and that i will get responses about your days too. You guys can also practice english here JEJE.
Of course i will be writing about my favorite things too like tennis and other sports, chocolate, traveling - love to hear about all the places you visit, news, articles, tv shows, events, .. about absolutely everytjing that can come to your mind.


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